Throughout my Dynamics NAV years, our team has adopted quite a few implementations that have for some reason gone wrong. We are usually able to straighten the implementation out and get it on the right track. I have often wondered why things went wrong in the first place. There are several different reasons that, Read More

While another Icelandic volcano, Bárðabunga, is set to explode, filling the clouds with ash and making our lives a little harder, there are other types of clouds that are making our lives easier. Years ago many thought the cloud was just a buzzword that would help sell more software but lacked substance. The reality, Read More

Companies have a peculiar life cycle. When you look at them over a period of time, it is almost like they are a living organism. They consume revenue, and excrete expenses. If they consume more than they excrete they grow bigger. The software system is like a central nervous system. It has links to, Read More

Once again, I am in an airplane crossing the Atlantic on my way to another NAV implementation. I am pleasantly surprised to find that they finally offer Wi-Fi on my airline while crossing the waters. A satellite must have been reassigned from Cold War duty to facilitate people uploading pictures of their airplane food., Read More

I am one of those guys to have programmed NAV through text based, into forms and finally to pages.  This transformation to pages from forms is an interesting endeavor.  In this blog I am going to highlight a rather unused feature, called “Value is Filter”, which is found when connecting a FactBox to a, Read More

Greetings fellow NAV-ist! My name is Johannes Gudmundsson, AKA the NAV Viking.  I have been working in the Dynamics NAV field for almost two decades.  I have served in all roles from junior technical phone support to founding a NAV practice which I run today.  This blog is meant to be an outlet for, Read More