Company as a living organism: When it is time to change out the brain

Companies have a peculiar life cycle. When you look at them over a period of time, it is almost like they are a living organism. They consume revenue, and excrete expenses. If they consume more than they excrete they grow bigger. The software system is like a central nervous system. It has links to all the body parts and sends messages to and from the central system.

When a company grows, if the software cannot grow with it, the nerve endings fail to reach all the extremities. The people in charge will have to make assumptions regarding what is going on, where they have no visibility. They start taking calculated risks. To further the analogy, they might find out that they have no feeling or control of one of the hands. They figure, they are in risk of losing a finger, but since there are five fingers for each hand they would probably be still be operational, without one. As the company grows even more, these assumptions are made more frequently, until the risk and uncertainty becomes alarming or something goes drastically wrong. This is usually uncovered during the annual doctor checkup, or in another words, independent audit.

When a company has received less than desirable bill of health, it is time to take greater control of things. This is usually when I enter the picture. ERP consultants are like the brain doctors. Our purpose is to take out the existing brain and replace it with a new one!

We take the memories of the old brain and upload them into the new one. Sometimes people want to leave some unpleasant memories behind and they are then stored in an archived system. We upgrade the nerves to handle more bandwidth and extend them to reach further into all extremities.

The new brain, if it is Dynamics NAV, more than likely has much more flexibility than the old brain, and can be aligned to control the organism in ways it couldn’t before. Getting it to do a wide variety of very compelling and competitive moves. This increases the chances of the organism in a fiercely hostile business environment, where only the fittest survive. The company organism has evolved!

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