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In implementing dynamics NAV, I often go through explaining supply and demand. Companies which trade products often do so by managing the supply and demand parameters outside the ERP system. Often the ERP system does not support real planning tools and therefore the staff is forced to come up with alternative ways. In those, Read More

Convergence 2015

Every year Microsoft hosts a conference called Convergence.  It is meant for all of the Dynamics partners and customers.  This year it was held in Atlanta and it did not disappoint.  Roughly around 15.000 people attended.  The audience this year was widened to include also people interested in any Microsoft business related product, such, Read More


  The concept of catch weight in ERP is widely used, but often misunderstood. It has become a buzz word for companies specializing in the food industry. They claim they have provided a solution to the problem and they in essential “support” catch weight. But what is catch weight and why is it so, Read More


  When companies outgrow Quickbooks and are faced with migrating to a more functionally rich package like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are a few things the users miss. Since Quickbooks is geared for the small business user its primary goal is to make the user experience smooth and easy. Sometimes the result is great, Read More


Over the years, we at iNECTA have been brought in many times to troubleshoot performance. The system being for some reason slow in a business that has high volume. There are many reasons why a system can get slow and in the blog post I wanted to highlight the differences between infrastructure and application, Read More


At iNECTA we have worked with many different industries. Some tend to lend themselves well to the standard ERP methodology, others bite and scratch when you try to cage them. One of those is the floral industry. We have had quite an exposure to flower companies and know that some paths which would sound, Read More


This topic has the danger of becoming an overly technical one, so I will attempt in this blog post to focus on the benefits from a high level design perspective. Hopefully everyone can understand why structure is so important. In my math days I was fascinated with the topic of abstract algebra. A lot, Read More

Microsoft will officially release NAV 2015 this October. An early release is already available to download for partners. Significant enhancements have been made towards the cloud and mobility. In this blog I want to talk in general about ERP new releases and upgrades rather than going into technical details. When Microsoft announces a new, Read More

Throughout my Dynamics NAV years, our team has adopted quite a few implementations that have for some reason gone wrong. We are usually able to straighten the implementation out and get it on the right track. I have often wondered why things went wrong in the first place. There are several different reasons that, Read More

While another Icelandic volcano, Bárðabunga, is set to explode, filling the clouds with ash and making our lives a little harder, there are other types of clouds that are making our lives easier. Years ago many thought the cloud was just a buzzword that would help sell more software but lacked substance. The reality, Read More